Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where should I send the ambulance, sir? Send it to the freaking moon, you idiot.

So.....this weekend was eventful. On Friday night I went out with my friends to have a good time. During me trying to have a good time I had a spill of sorts. I was wearing these pretty high heels and got bumped into at Logan's (local bar). I thought it was just a sprain at first but learned later on that it was more than that. 

Saturday I my ankle was still pretty swollen and I was still pretty sure it was a sprain. I didn't go to work that day and stayed home to rest up and get ready for Sunday. It was the first time I've ever lived in Norman and not left my apartment. 

Sunday I woke up bright and early to go to work!!!! This did not happen. Before I went to work I had to get some crutches from Walgreens. I put it into my google maps to find the closest one on my way to work but instead it took me to urgent care. I took this as a sign so I went inside to let them look at my ankle and hopefully get some crutches. I hopped in like a fool and searched for crutches while I sat in the waiting room. I thought I was screwed for sure until they finally called me in and took me to the x-ray room. There were tons of crutches there of all shapes and sizes so I knew I would get this x-ray done like a boss and be on my way to work then the Oscars. My day went a little different though, the doctor took one look at the x-rays and said put that girl in a boot. My ankle was broken. The worst news I could get...or so I thought. So I get a fancy boot, some crutches, and a prescription for lortab. I missed work yet another day to go home and try and recover a little more. Amy was an awesome friend and helped me do some walmart shopping and cooking. I prepared for the Oscar party by making a brisket and mashed potatoes for the party and then I crawled up Justyn's concrete stairs and tried to enjoy myself. Took some lortab and then proceeded to try and not puke for the next 6 hours. Lortab is not my friend and ruined my Oscar party for me :( 

Flash forward to Monday! School and work. This would for sure be a test of strengths. I had quite the struggle getting to class. It was sad and pathetic but I made it there and only got a few pity stares. BTW Dale Hall is the worst place for handicapped people. 

So Monday night I get a call from urgent care. They said the radiologist looked at my x-rays again for a second opinion and they said it didn't look broken to them! Good news after all. So I'm riding a high and I make it to work. Then tragedy struck. I'm siting there and all of a sudden my foot starts itching. I go down to settle this and then I see that my foot has doubled in size! It freaked me out so I threw the boot off and elevated it. Figured the swelling would go back down but it's Tuesday now and the foot looks just as bad. 

So now it's Tuesday and it's time for my orthopedic check up. Doctor looks at the x-rays and says that not only is my ankle broken (radiologist filled me with lies) but two of my ligaments were torn as well and this, ladies and gentlemen, needs surgery...stat. Pros: I got a new prescription for percocet (this doesn't make me sick), I got paper work to get a temporary handicapped permit, and my new knee walker should be here by Thursday. Cons: I'm going to have two screws put into my ankle for 8 weeks then I have to have surgery to get them out again. I'll also be getting a cast and can't walk like a normal person till maybe May or June after I have physical therapy and my screws removed. 

I'm pretty excited about this walker. The crutches are slowly killing me :(

This is the blue print to my surgery tomorrow. If you can tell what's going on here I applaud you. So first surgery tomorrow and I'm quite freaked out. I appreciate any flowers or stacks of hundred dollar bills anyone wants to give me as my recovery will be a long and gruesome one. Be prepared for many debbie downer statuses.