Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The kind of place where you should bring your own UV ray

I recently got a new job! It's at QuiBids and I love it. I answer emails for customer support. They have a really good work environment and they give us free stuff all the time! Sunday we get starbucks, Monday we get donuts, Wednesday we get free food and booze! Friday they get massages but I don't work that day so no massages for me :( It's in the city though which means I have to drive 30 min there and back every day. I'm considering moving to the city but part of me is still scared.....

On a sadder note...I got in a car accident about a week ago. I thought it was going to be all ok and we could get it fixed but they said it was totaled so now I have to get a new car. If I get the car I want everything will be awesome but if I don't get the car I want then it's going to be a bummer. We'll see this weekend. I really loved my car! ugh

Roommate situation is currently difficult. She basically said I can't have people over because even 3 people talking wakes her up. It's annoying and I basically feel like I need to stay in my room all day.

School started and I think classes are going to be alright this year. Here's to a great semester!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Break

Got a new job

Got a week off between my jobs

Went home for new year's eve and my sister's bday

Got to hang out with Jaiden. He's gotten so big now and he's a lot of fun to play with

Went shopping and got some new sweaters and shoes. 

Heading back to Norman on Monday. I keep moving the day back but there really isn't much there for me to rush back to. My friends aren't going anywhere and once I've driven 3 hours back and forth between Fort Worth and Altus I won't be in the mood to drive again so I'll probably be in Norman for a while. Valentines day alone again....yeah I'm in the debbie mood again. Eating healthier, going to the gym, trying to stay away from sweat pants and reclaim my womanhood. Can I just marry me a rich man and retire already?