Monday, December 30, 2013

I got a cat.

I have two animals now and that makes me question my life decisions on a daily basis.

I rearranged my apartment. Slightly. The winds of change.

My ex called me at 2am last night and I didn't answer. Not because I didn't wake up, but because I couldn't think of one thing I wanted to talk to him about at 2am in the fucking morning. Perhaps lunch plans???

When did I just stop going to the gym? When did I just give up on life?

I have no food at my apartment. Just how I like it.

How much would it cost to have someone come into your studio apartment and do your laundry once every two weeks or so? Do they also dump trash?

I used to want to have two children. Then recently I bumped it up to three. The more lonely I get, the more kids I fill my imaginary future house with. I think the third kid replaced my spouse.

I need to get a new hobby to make me more interesting for the fellas. Watching TV all day is NOT working.

Perks of 2013: I graduated from College and am one step closer to curing cancer.

p.s. I got a cat.