Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fly like a butterfly

"Many Druids have died to bring us this information"
- lvl 50 priest quest

I'm Lv 60 now, and no that's not the highest I've ever gotten, but I didn't think I would get to it in one month of off and on playing. Back in the day getting to 60 was no joke. Now it kind of is. Being 60 now I'm wiser and stronger and expected to kind of know what is going on in this game...whoops. I plan on getting better but as in sports no matter how much I practice some times skill just doesn't appear out of no where. However, the love of the game is enough :)

This is my frequent hangout in the many Battle Grounds I have fought in. I think my quote speaks for itself.

And now for some funny pictures!!!!!!

Meeka's 1st Platinum Album cover

It took me months to grow this thing out but it was worth the photo.
This chimp was actually watching us through the glass.

Best one for last! Yes that dog is dead. Oh the jobs I've worked.

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