Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photography Final

Today I presented my photography final for introduction to photography. The title was "The three stages of passion." I chose to display 3 types of passion for a subject. The first set of pictures shows a woman who has taken her passion for photography and turned it in into a living. This shoot was done while I was on a workshop with her. 

The second set shows a man who has taken his passion for telling stories through film and turned it into his field of study as well as a future career. This photo shoot was done over a long span of  hours finally ending around 3am. This again shows the passion this person had for this craft. 

The third set of photos shows two women that have passion for the hobbies they do in their every day life. One is shown playing video games and the second is shown reading. These are two hobbies that almost anyone can relate to. These last photos are taken up close to show the intimacy of being at home in your element doing the thing you love to do.

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