Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photo Workshop

Last Thursday I had my photography workshop with Amanda Keith (indiejanephotography). I had a blast and learned so much! I can't wait to take advantage of the new skills I have in location scouting, time management, shooting, editing, and the overall business side of taking photos. I'm hoping to come up with a logo for my photo "business" soon. I more or less need it just to have a watermark on my photos. Right now it's not that big of a problem. It's not like people are trying to steal my photos but I want to start making it a standard so I look more professional. So until I get some ideas here is one of the photos I have been working on. I edited this photo twice. The one that I used for my actual final is not this one. I'll post those later. I had to stay with a more realistic feel for those. This one was just for fun.

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