Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Apartment

The new place! Moving in was exhausting but I'm finally finished with it all. 
Yesterday we got cable and my life is complete. 

Cox messed up my set up date so I had to wait an extra week before we got internet and cable but thankfully the guy who set up our cable was really nice and completely set everything up perfectly. 

I have furniture now! Nice to know the things in my place are actually mine. 

Meeka has been up here with us and it's been great. She's gotten pretty used to the place. There are tons of animals here though. Which is good and bad I guess. Meeka gets to see a lot of dogs and cats so that keeps her on her toes but I'm also afraid if I ever let her out without a leash that she will run up to another dog or chase a cat. She's been doing good till now though so I think things will be fine. 

My new living room! I plan on spending many hours here. Enjoying life and such. 

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