Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thank God you're here! Grandma's been raped!

Summer Heights High. It's a pretty awesome show. Here are some of my favorite quotes. 

Mr. G: "We used to have bushes here, but a girl got raped behind them so we took them away, yep no more bushes..."

Ja’mie: "Wife beaters and rapists are nearly all public-school educated. Sorry, no offence, but it’s true."

Ja’mie: "I think what happens is, like, out in the outer suburbs, like, ugly people breed with other ugly people, right. So you end with really fugly kids. So that’s why you look around a public school and on average, like no offence, but people are more fugly. Whereas in a private school area, in a rich school area… (shut up, let me explain), in a rich area, like, hotter people breed with hot people and have hotter kids."

Ja'mie: "Friends don't send each other two text messages an hour saying "See you in English", "Save me a seat!"

Principle: ‎"Ranga's arent a race Jonah."
Jonah: "But sir, they're everywhere!"'

Mr. G: ‎"Thank god your here! Grandma's been raped!'' 

Ja'mie: "This is the Dolce and Gabbana dress that I wore to my year 9 formal. As you can see, it still fits me.”

Ja'mie: "I had an eating disorder in year 8 so my breasts didnt develope properly."

Ja'mie: "Look at my phone, its a blackberry. i would let you borrow it, but it's worth like thousands of dollars and my dad would kill me."

Mr. G: "She's a naughty girl, with a (swings his head) bad habit, bad habit for drugs..."

Ja'mie: "Ooo you've got wheelchair people, that's soo cute..I LOVE disabled people!"

Ja'mie: "A school that bans formals is a school that bans life"

Mr G: "She was what the other students would call.... a slut."

Ja'mie: "Asians will get into limos with lesbians .... and my group will talk to the fugly girls"

Ja'mie: "They pick on you? Can you introduce me to them?"

Ja'mie: "He made me feel less hot!" 

Mr. G: "Mr G is how should i say...a jesus type character in the musical"

Ja'mie: "She was all like, 'Uhhh, Jai'me, you're a pedophile, because you're going out with a year 7.' But I'd rather be a pedophile than a lesbian, seriously."

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