Monday, August 8, 2011

Fix You

Last week was my friend Lonnie's Birthday. She turned 23 and looked great doing it. 

 Life has been eventful since the break up but I think I'm doing okay. He didn't react like I thought he would react but maybe that's for the best. For now I want to surround myself with happy people and positive thoughts. I need to work on myself and keep drama out of my life. No more crying, no more fighting and no more lonely nights. 

Lilly has been a blessing. She's kept me busy and keeps making me go aww every time she does something adorable. I could do with less of the 7 am wake ups though :/

Last night I went to my friends apartment for a small get together. It was eventful to say the least. Invited some of my guy friends from Best Buy which I never could have done when I was dating because he would always freak out. No more jealous boyfriends. I'm not a slut and don't need a guy to make me feel like one. 

Me and Lilly at the party :) Of course she had to lick my eye in the middle of this pic.

I just put this in here because she looked adorable. 

Tylar came over today and gave Lilly her first grooming. She actually did pretty well. She's super soft and cuddly now. Can't wait to take her to Fort Worth so Baby Jaiden can see her.

Tonight I went to the movies with Miki and Brittany to see Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was amazing. Just what I needed. Like Emma Stone my life is rated PG-13 but I'm ok with that.

Tomorrow I'm going to Fort Worth and hoping to take my mind off this whole break up. It's almost a week till my birthday and I can't wait!

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