Thursday, December 22, 2011

DIY Christmas Desert in a Jar

This was harder than it looks....

I saw some really cool ideas about deserts in a jar. They looked so glorious and delicious. If only I knew....

So the cheese cakes were easy. I used about half a cheesecake per jar which was a little bit too much in my opinion. I just didn't want to wast it. I would suggest 3 jars per cheesecake next time. You basically make it just like a normal cheesecake. 

1. Prepare crust and apply to bottom of jar.
2. Put filling in jar.
3. Add topping and...ta da!

The cake was harder :(

I divided the cake batter and added food coloring to make them pretty christmas colors. Layered the colors in the jars and put them in the oven. Look how pretty they not put that much batter in the jars. It will only end badly. Put like half of that. One box of cake mix will make 8 jars. After they baked and I removed the excess cake spilling out of the jar I added icing and sprinkles. They ended up pretty cute.

1. Prepare cake batter and add desired food coloring.
2. Put cake batter in the jars about 1/3 of the way.
3. Put jars on baking pan and put foil or cookie sheet under jars.
4. Cook for about 40 min or until fork comes out clean.
5. Add icing and sprinkles.

The End

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