Saturday, December 17, 2011

Not enough ladies, too many mans...

"Too many men,
Too many boys,
Too many misters,
Not enough sisters.
Too much time on, too many hands...
Not enough ladies, too many mans."

It's Christmas break!!! Finals are over and I think I came out unscathed. Now it's time to focus on things like catching up on tv, doing arts and crafts, and sleeping till 2pm. Best Buy has been crazy but it provides me with the money so what can you do? I've been really interested in DIY things lately so here are a few I've been trying:

Bought this new from Hobby Lobby and then stained it with a darker color so it would look oldish. I was pleased how it turned out. 

My art therapy class made us do a sketch book for abused children from a center in Norman. I wanted my cover to look fun, inviting, and care free. Sketch book cost &7, paper cost $3 and modgepodge cost $5. 

Cut out letters from the scrap book paper then glued them down. After the glue dried I added modge podge over the top to set it. 

These are two different designs I test out. One was for me and one was for the little abused kids. 

Final Results 

I discovered a website called Pinterest. It basically gives you ideas of things to try or other things people find interesting. I found a lot of recipes for food on here that looked like fun. This first one I tried is s'more cups. Super easy and delicious. 

This was a recipe from a friend. Never had oreo balls before but they were super good. 

This is my next project. We'll see how it turns out. 

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