Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm having their baby

"How to be sure that what you say is the truth

When I see flaws in everything that you do?"
-Wolf Gang

How do the girls on this show pay for the hospital bills to have "their" baby? Just a random thought. This show is pretty interesting if you haven't seen it. Mostly young girls that already have 1-2 kids and are already over the whole having a new baby thing. In a recent pregnancy scare (I'm never having sex again) I realized just how much pregnancy is everywhere. Like EVERYWHERE. Or at least that's how it seemed. Turn on the tv, EPT commercial. Watch Shameless and girl gets pregnant. Go to oxygen.com to check out the new Glee Project and video for "I'm having their baby" pops up. Well, I live to bleed another day so no worries on my end but lets just say I was searching through my closet for wire hangers. The show follows these girls who have chosen to do a great thing. Putting up a baby for adoption is the bravest thing most people can do. I think it's probably braver than actually raising the baby yourself. It is your baby you feel like you have to raise it. Like it's the right thing to do but the right thing to do is provide the best life for your baby and in some cases that means giving it to a family who wants it from day 1 and has the means to provide it with what it wants. But back to my original question. Where do they get the money for it? Having babies ain't cheap. Do the adoptive parents pay for all their stuff? I know it's not legal but is it unspoken in every planned adoption? Cause having a baby is like a job and if I were having a baby, this girl don't work for free.

It was my birthday last week and now school is starting. I feel weird. School should be ok. Like it always is I guess. I need something to look forward to. Graduation just isn't that inciting since I will then feel like a bum. 22 living in a college town not going to college. Yeah.....

Dating life...eh I'm not sure I should talk about it. Do people read this? lol. One of my friends isn't talking to me any more. I broke his "trust" or whatever that means. It kind of bums me out because we were pretty good friends but I'm not going to get caught up in some high school bull shit so I must move on. My straight guy friends pretty much all let me down on my birthday get together so I've finally come to the realization that I need to stop kidding myself into thinking this friend thing could work. Either guys just aren't good friends or maybe it's Maybelline.


  1. I bet it's Maybelline. Slogans from make-up companies are always relevant. "Easy, breezy, beautiful...gonorrhea." I could make a commerical out of that and no one would know that I'm selling them an STD. Those are all you gotta worry about when you're gay. So, if pregancy ever freaks you out that much, just join the rainbow club. Then you don't have to use birth control.

    1. I would so rather have an STD than a baby. I hear STDs are really in this year. You're so lucky.