Monday, March 7, 2011

How to Catch an iPhone Theif

So as some of you may know my iPhone 4 (retail price $599) was stolen from my coat pocket Saturday night along with my friend's macbook (retail price $1,199). Pretty sure we know who did it but the wrath of the law is slow....I've been trying to track my phone but it's been turned off since they took it and I'm worried they will remove the SIM card which means I won't be able to track it. My hope is that they are dumb. He's been arrested 2 times before for this very same crime. I'm very sad about this and Apple should seriously consider having an insurance plan that covers theft. I've been paying insurance for if I damage my phone for months only to have it wasted because now I don't even have a phone to damage. After some investigating I know this guy is actually younger than me. What a loser. He is also a drug dealer and was giving out his cell phone number to clients at the party. I seriously hope they get him and our stuff back.
If anyone knows this guy, ask to borrow his phone....

Here is a post from a guy who was in my position and had a happy ending:

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