Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things I Miss

  1. My iPhone 4 - we had great times together. gone before your time
  2. My High School Friends - you guys make me appreciate what true friends are
  3. Meeka - i rarely get to see her anymore and i hope i can change that soon
  4. My old self - i've changed a lot since i came to college and most of it was for the better but i do miss how i used to find such joy in every day life. i need to find that again.
  5. Singing - i've been singing since i was 8 and i haven't had much time to do it since i left altus
  6. My house - i love my old room and my tv room. living in these small spaces is starting to get to me
  7. My cousins - i barely get to see them any more. they were my best friends/siblings growing up and most of my favorite moments as a child involve them.
  8. My mom's cooking - the fast food and microwaved dinners just aren't the same
  9. Buffy & Angel - those were just great shows and nothing has come close since
  10. Pokemon - i want to say i dedicated 5 years of my life to that game. 5 years not wasted

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