Thursday, April 21, 2011

I wanna see you in your birthday suit

"There's a party going down at the Casa de Britt's, bring all your friends, as long as they are chicks." - Green Hornet

Today was Jaiden's Birthday! Jaiden has been a blessing and I couldn't have asked for a better nephew. Today we went to the hospital to see all the nurses that cared for him while he was in the NICU for what seemed like forever! I remember seeing him in that little incubator. He looked so small and sad. He only weighed 1.6 pounds and was 12 inches long. He was literally skin and bones but he has come a long way from that day. 

After we left the hospital we went to eat lunch at Lily's cafe. I got their famous Lily's burger and it was oh so good. Jaiden was so happy because when we got there his grandparents had gotten him some balloons for his birthday and he played with them the entire time. 

To finish the night we went to the Fort Worth Museum where we saw Tornado Alley. Oceans was sold out :/ It was the first movie Jaiden had ever seen and what better than a IMAX theater with loud thunder and tornadoes? Needless to say he had to sit in the baby room sealed with sound proof glass. It was a good movie though. They had the OU meteorology crew on there! 

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo and then I'm driving back for Angela's 21st :)

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