Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hands in Pants

"I want to remake the movie called Shazam with Shaquille O'Neal where he plays a genie, and get it right." - Parks and Rec

So we headed to Colorado this weekend. Left Norman at 7am after some unforseen delays (amy)

Stopped in some random town in TX for gas. A woman walked in on Amy in the restroom.

Stopped at the Big Texan Steak Place and ate some lunch. Miki fell in love with a guy named Jared but sadly their love was short lived. 

My steak. Tasted pretty good :)

Us sitting in the big chair!

Me in the big chair. Aww

Leaving Texas. The sky was so blue.

I took a lot of pictures on the way up lol. Probably be asleep all the way back though.

Once we got to New Mexico it was snowing!

A mountain in New Mexico. So pretty.

Made it to Colorado and hotel partied it up with Chris. So crazy I hadn't seen him since High School Graduation! Ordered some pizza and apparently ate "too many" limes for Amy's liking along with my beer. 

The morning after we headed to the Air Force Academy to watch Air Force vs. Wyoming. Weather was great when we stepped outside of our hotel. Who would have known it was going to turn into a tornado.

Pretty morning mountains :)

Before the game started Wyoming and Air Force run out at the same time.

They have this thing called spirit cheese. When Air Force does something good like score a touch down or make a good play, the spirit cheese flies up in the sky and does something spirity. Amy however did not understand this theory and threw the spirit cheese into a crowd of girls. 

Saturday night (tonight) we went to BJ's for dinner and then went to downtown Colorado Springs to enjoy the night life. This is me and Miki on top of my favorite bar of the night, Gasoline Alley. 

We head out tomorrow morning bright and early :( dang Best Buy making me go to some meeting. I get to drive last though so I'll get plenty of sleep in. 

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