Monday, November 7, 2011


Summary of my month:

Did the OU/TX thing and had a blast

I have been going to the boom a lot recently. It's a ton of fun.

Getting better aquatinted with my Best Buy Friends. They are awesome.

Took a weekend off after some boy drama and saw the family and Meeka :)

With the hair long I was able to put it up a lot.

OU cousin's pumpkin carving. 

My Boo Pumpkin

Preparing for the Halloween Party at Taj Mahal

This year's costume: EWOK 

Lilly after getting fixed. Spent a pretty penny on that girl...

Amy turns 21 :) Finally!

Merit Badge University, taught a photography class to tons of boy scouts. Had a lot of fun

Watching the merit badge chemistry class in action

Night of the Party!

The hair was getting really long

Me and Lilly bonding time

Went to Second Wind for the first time. I recommend it

Made 2 dozen cupcakes for my little. She ate 4 and Michael pretty much ate the rest

Miki goes to the boom for the first time! Also I cut my hair.

Getting used to the short hair again

So....Life has been hectic lately. I always try to be a good person and that sometimes gets me into trouble. Being nice to someone when they don't deserve it puts you in a bind. I learned that the hard way I guess. It's over now though so I'm hoping I can get on with my life and enjoy my time with friends and family. The holidays are coming up and I'm so ready to see everyone and give and get christmas gifts. It's going to be a great winter :)

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