Monday, July 30, 2012

MTV True Life: I watch MTV

Some of my Favorite Quotes from my new BFF TV:

"You never returned any of my calls..."
 "My phone was sick" 
      - Childrens Hospital

"What is this?" 
"Someone left an orphan here" 
"Get rid of it!"
     - Childrens Hospital

"He'll find someone else. Someone who appreciates his kind of smothering love" 
     - Girls

Everyone has officially left.  I traveled for a bit but now I'm back in Norman till school starts pretty much. I'm not sure what I'll do on my days off. I have already seen every tv show I can think of. There is 24 and Twin Peaks. I guess I could dedicate a few days to those.

So lets plan something interesting for my 3 days off.....

1. Clean out all my clothes I don't wear
2. Cook something fun
3. Sell stuff on Amazon
4. Buy something........
5. FIX PHONE! I really need to do this
6. Make my nephew's 2nd book
7. Prepare my body for Thursday's episode of Awkward.

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