Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh, the Places You'll Never Go

"So you start your own blog
But there’s no cash to be made
On detailing how hard it is
For you to get laid
And deeper and deeper
Into despair you will spiral
As you realize you’re gonna
Be broke for a while
You will come to a place where the streets are not marked
Some windows are lighted
But mostly they’re darked
Yet now you are desperate
Not to move home
And live with your parents, Diane and Jerome
So down the dark alley
To meet with the man
Who sells crystal meth
From an old panel van
“One rock to resell”
Your hear yourself mutter
As you pray dealing drugs
Gets you out of the gutter
Except that it won’t
And you’re screwed if you don’t
You’re in the game now
There’s no way to leave
Besides waging a drug war
On a midsummer’s eve"

Relationships amaze me. All of them. "Did you do this to get back at me?" Let's analyze that statement here. First of all. What kind of person thinks someone is out to get them for something they did? What kind of person does things that people need to "get back at" you for? Look at yourself before you start accusing me of things. I didn't do something to get back at you. Not everything I do is about YOU. Talk about self centered. If you have been living with enough guilt about something that you did to me, that me doing something that causes the least bit of pain to you makes you think I had some diabolical plan to get back at you. Please get over yourself. I'm glad you can finally see that you were shitty to me but that doesn't mean I'm sinking down to your level. I fucked up. I'm sorry. People aren't perfect and I didn't do this to "get back at" you. 
The fact that this exact quote has been said to me twice makes me think...who am I associating with? Real friends shouldn't give me a reason to get back at them. I recently listened to a podcast called FRENEMIES. And it addressed being friends with people that cause you stress. I don't need to be friends with these kind of people. Life is short. I need to focus on what is important and makes me happy. 

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