Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday Weekend

"Barack Obama reminds me of a young me." - James Franco

This weekend was my nephew's second birthday! So of course I had to bake something. This year instead of cupcakes I went with cake pops. 

Step 1: Bake a cake. 

Step 2: Prepare supplies.

Step 3: Take a picture of yourself with cake to prove you made it. 

Step 4: Mix cake with icing. 

Step 5: Watch adorable nephew try and help you. 

Step 6: Place cake/icing mixture in freezer for about 15 minutes so that it gets a little thicker. 
Step 7: Roll cake/icing mixture into balls. 

Step 8: Melt some chocolate and dip sticks in this so that they will stay in the balls. 

Step 9: Refrigerate balls with sticks in them for about 1 hour. 
Step 10: Melt more chocolate and dip cake pops into it. 

Step 11: Allow chocolate to harden then decorate.

Step 12: Eat. 

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